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Harp service, repair and restoration - any kind - any make


Depending on frequency of use, a PEDAL HARP should have a service at least every three years, or if you notice any of these symptoms:

> Buzzing sound of a string in 'natural' or 'sharp' position.

> Pedal wraps coming loose or showing badly worn areas.

> Hard sound of a pedal when returning from 'sharp' to 'natural'.


The work consists of:

> Replacing pedal wraps (if necessary),

> Regulating and lubricating pedal mechanism,

> Adjusting intonation.


On a modern concert harp, this will take about 4 to 5 hours.

However, there are makes of modern harp that bear unconventional features and may require more time or a stay in my workshop.

Additional jobs, such as adjusting of semitones or replacing strings, can be done on request if arranged at the time of booking.


On an antique pedal harp, service work can take about 6 hours.

On these, adjustment screw threads are often blocked and need cleaning out or re-cutting.

Brass parts may have become brittle through ageing and can break upon adjustment.

As there are usually no replacement parts readily available, parts may need to be made up from scratch.

I can deal with any such occurences in my workshop, but, for this reason, I cannot offer a home visit for servicing of an antique pedal harp.


Service on a FOLK HARP will take 2 to 3 hours and involves:

> Adjusting levers for semitones and intonation.


Please note that "Butterknife blades" and older CAMAC cam-type levers are usually not simply adjustable, and harps equipped with such need a couple of days in my workshop.


I do not charge a flat-rate - you only pay for the time I really work on your instrument!


For a home visit, travel charges are calculated according to distance and estimated travel time - please                  me for details.

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