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Harp service, repair and restoration - any kind - any make

Repair & Restoration

Even modern harps need sometimes more serious work other than repair to scratched or chipped varnish. This might be replacing of the neck, the sound board, re-fitting of the body base, or work to the action.


"Restoration" refers to any of the jobs mentioned above, plus decorative repairs, on an Antique harp, e. g. an instrument of more than 100 years of age.

A full restoration can involve a number - or even all - of the following jobs:


> Repair or replacement of structural parts;

> Repairs to the mechanism;

> Repairs to decoration, varnish and veneer;

> Cleaning and burnishing of metal parts;

> Cleaning and re-polishing of wood surfaces;

> Re-gilding;

> Sympathetic stringing with strings of appropriate gauge;

> Adjusting to musical playability.

Many antique harps arrive in my workshop in a condition similar to this: the polish has accumulated dirt over decades, and the brass has tarnished, often because its protective lacquer was rubbed off in an attempt at cleaning.

Cleaning and reviving the polish and re-burnishing the brass plates are primary aspects of surface restoration.

A dramatic case - sadly, not uncommon: the harp fell over and broke its neck...

...But even this can be turned into a beautiful, fully functioning instrument.

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