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Harp service, repair and restoration - any kind - any make

Here is a small selection of work done in the past:

30-string kit harp, personalised for the customer.

Wire-strung harp, based on the 16th/17th century

'Fitzgerald of Kildare' harp.

Yes, rarely, and only on commission, I MAKE harps!

Also this one - a Welsh triple harp, 6th E to 1st G, 145cm (4' 9") high, 8kgs (18lbs) in weight!

A far more usual line of work: an antique-harp's body, ripped apart  by over-stringing of the instrument...

...repaired and the finish touched up.

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A full restoration of an Erard Grecian style harp:

From this

...and this

...to this

...and this

...and THIS!

And another one - 6th C to 1st G, still only 155cm (5'1") tall and weighing in at 9,5 kgs (21lbs).

image001 Pilgrim30-2 Pilgrim30-3 FitzgKild Troddi LG2137Bodyrep. 4846Pedboxfrontbef 4846capitalbef 4846lowerfrontaft 4846capitalaft 4846totcomp