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Harp service, repair and restoration - any kind - any make

For sale

I am not generally a dealer in harps. All instruments and accessories offered on this page are one-off opportunities.

Currently are available:

CAMAC K31 Folk harp

Rare wire-strung Camac harp, made in 2000, two previous owners.

31 strings, 5th Oct. F to 1st Oct. A, fully levered.

Soundboard pick-up, ideal for amplified gigging.

Innovative soundboard construction in wood/carbon-fibre.

Metal-clear tone, excellent condition.

Accessories: Tuning key and home-made padded drop-over cover.

(Location: Mid-West Wales)

Now £1250 ono

Romantic Harp Concertos (in original sealed packaging)

Two-CD set in DDD recording of harp concertos by Handel, Mozart, Krumpholz, Dittersdorf, Albrechtsberger and Wagenseil, played on the modern double-action harp.

More than 130 minutes of beautiful music with harp, from Baroque to Romantic.


Electronic Tuner-Metronome (unused)

Tuner: Tuning range 7th Oct. A to 1st Oct. A;

           Built-in microphone or pick-up clip (incl.)

Metronome: 30 to 230 beats per minute, audible through

                          built-in beeper or mono earphone (included).    

Battery-saving LCD screen, auto switch-off;

Batteries (2x size "AAA") included. Colour black or silver (subject to availability).


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Wire-Strung Harp

Made in 2007, based on the historic 'Fitzgerald of Kildare' harp (NOT a replica!).

30 strings - 6th octave E to 1st octave F, strung with yellow and red brass. Semitone levers from 6th E to 2nd D (apologies to purists - request from the original owner!).

Body made from alder, part-hollowed out; neck and pillar yew.

Decorated with carved body rims and scrolls and 'waves' on neck and pillar. Cheek bands, body braces and shoulder collar in beaten brass for rustic look, string shoes gilded.

Wonderful ringing sound!

This harp is not free-standing by itself, but can sit on a detachable, foldable wooden stand.

Weight 8kg (17lbs 8oz); Height 112cm (3' 8"), on its stand 150cm (4' 11").

Comes with tuning key, heavy-duty carrying bag with shoulder strap and harp stand as mentioned.

(Location: Lower Wye Valley, South Wales)


Available soon - In process of restoration:

ERAT Lady's Gothic Harp

Laid off for the time being due to other work committments

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